How I Work

My practice is structured differently than most. My guiding principle is that every client deserves my undivided attention, and I accomplish this by communicating with each client at prearranged times, whether by telephone, videoconference, or in-person meeting.  This allows us to be prepared and focused, resulting in more effective and efficient communication.  I do not communicate by email. (If you are curious about why, I recommend this short article: Newport, Cal, “A Modest Proposal: Eliminate Email,” Harvard Business Review, February 18, 2016.)

To make an appointment, please call my assistant at (503) 210-9934.  Before your appointment, you will receive a detailed intake questionnaire, which you can return by ShareFile or regular mail. Initial consultations typically take about an hour, during which time we will review your goals and concerns and sketch out the structure of my work for you. After the meeting, we will each sign an engagement agreement setting out the scope and cost of work, and a schedule for completion.

For estate planning (wills and trusts), you can expect to receive first drafts within a week of our first meeting. Generally, I schedule a 30-60 minute review session (by phone, Zoom, or in person, as you prefer) about two weeks after our initial meeting, and a signing meeting about one week after the review session. The schedule can be modified as needed to accommodate your needs. For probate and trust administration matters, we will schedule pre-set check-in calls (or meetings, if you prefer) in advance of court and tax filing deadlines. I encourage you to schedule additional times as needed to address questions that arise during the course of the administration.

If you need to change a scheduled appointment, simply call my assistant and request a new time. Please give at least 24 hours notice if you can.

Katharine L. Malone, P.C.

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